New Covent Garden Market

Together with construction firm VINCI, we are proud to be leading the 10-year regeneration of one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks: New Covent Garden Market.

This transformational project will result in a brand new, better 500,000 sq ft market for all the 175 businesses, 2,500 employees and thousands of customers that trade, work and buy at the Market.

The word-famous fruit, vegetable and flower market began life at its iconic West End site in 1670, where it quickly outgrew its Sunday slot – and original plot – to cement itself as the cultural phenomenon we know today.

After 350 years of evolution, which has included three extensions and one major relocation, we are bringing the development of New Covent Garden Market into a new era.

The work is well underway with a modern new 89,000 sq ft Interim Flower Market for the Covent Garden Market Authority which opened last year so that it can continue its long and proud wholesale tradition within London – it supplies 75% of London’s florists. This is in addition to further completed work on site, including the refurbishment of the existing multi-storey car park, the provision of a new recycling and waste facility (featuring rooftop 5-a-side football pitches for use by the local resident population), a welfare block and a new vehicular entrance plaza. The new 40,000 sq ft Food Exchange was also completed which is a major milestone in the exciting evolution of the market.

The Food Exchange forms the first chapter of London’s Food Quarter – a vibrant food industry campus and a serious food destination – and starts the journey of New Covent Garden Market becoming to food what Old Street is to tech.
It is the first space in the UK to be built specifically to nurture and mentor promising food businesses. The BREEAM Excellent building also houses Mission Kitchen, a new kind of workspace and the capital’s biggest shared commercial kitchen, and has already won the London & BUILD Project Award for Best Commercial Design.

The sale of Nine Elms Square in 2017 released capital for further development across the remaining 47 acres, including over 500,000 sq ft of wholesale market facilities and three distinct new communities with their own special character with residential, commercial and community amenities.