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Board succession plans

St. Modwen Properties PLC, the property investment and development company which specialises in regeneration, has announced today Board succession plans that will ensure that St. Modwen will be capable of continuing to maintain its strong record of performance in the future.

Bill Oliver, 46, currently the Company’s Finance Director will be the designated successor to Anthony Glossop, 60, its Chief Executive.

St. Modwen is, therefore, immediately seeking a replacement Finance Director and when that replacement is in post, Bill Oliver will be appointed Managing Director. Anthony Glossop will remain Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive with Sir Stanley Clarke continuing as Chairman.

The balance of roles between the three will, therefore, evolve with the intention that when the time is right, Sir Stanley Clarke will be invited to become Life President whilst remaining a Director, Anthony Glossop will become Chairman and Bill Oliver will succeed him as Chief Executive.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Anthony Glossop, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to be able to make today’s announcement which we believe will enable the Company to move forward within the framework of a consistent strategy whilst maintaining its strong individual culture.