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The new Institute of Structural Materials (home to SMART) which forms part of the new Swansea University £450 million Bay Campus development remains on track for completion thanks to mortar manufacturer CPI EuroMix which has ensured a constant supply of mortar for the project thanks to its innovative silo mixing station.

Built by VINCI Construction UK for developer St. Modwen, Swansea University’s Bay Campus development is set to provide some of the best university facilities in the UK and is a major factor in the regeneration of the Swansea Bay City Region. The new Institute of Structural Materials (home to SMART) – a purpose-built materials testing and research facility – is being built alongside other College of Engineering buildings, a School of Management, Bay Library, lecture halls, student residences and a Great Hall, which will house an 800-plus capacity auditorium. Working with specialist brickwork contractor DTM Construction, CPI EuroMix is supplying mortar in a natural colour to meet the client’s exacting specification.  For the efficient production and delivery of dry mortar, CPI EuroMix is providing the mortar for the blockwork in two of its innovative silo mixing stations.

“We have worked with CPI EuroMix for many years and have always been impressed with the consistency and colour of the mortar on projects, which is down to the efficiency of the silo mixing stations,‘ commented Darrell Matthews of DTM Construction. “In addition, the silo mixing station means our operators can produce the exact amount of material required, ensuring a stop to unnecessary waste.”

Capable of holding up to 35 tonnes of dry mortar, the silo mixing station is delivered to site where it is plugged into water and power. As required, at the simple touch of a button, the silo produces a perfectly mixed mortar. As well as maintaining mix and colours, the system also minimises waste, helping to reduce the environmental impact of projects during construction.

CPI EuroMix produces a wide range of mortars which are available in an extensive range of standard and bespoke colours. Its mortars are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, the industry standard accreditation for quality control. Able to offer high grade mortar alongside its exact premixing silo mixing stations, CPI EuroMix ensures that projects benefit from quality mortars with high bond and compressive strength, durability and colour.

With the company’s innovative approach to creating efficient methods of material delivery, whilst minimising waste, CPI EuroMix has ensured the new research facility will be ready for completion in 2015.

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