Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach

St. Modwen is about transformation through better environments. We know that regeneration is about making positive and genuine changes to communities, the environment and the economy.

Our history and expertise is in the regeneration and renewal of spaces, taking on the challenges that others cannot and breathing life into places to create new and better opportunities. Remediating brownfield sites and transforming them into cleaner, greener and brighter environments where businesses and communities can thrive: this is the essence of what we do. In turn, it promotes positive social, economic and environmental change.

Our aim is to always deliver sustainable solutions and to ensure that what is created is appropriate locally, and lasting. We think long term and deliver; inspiring and building success for our own people, our shareholders, tenants, partners and communities.

Our CSR Steering Group

We have a dedicated CSR Steering Group which meets every six weeks and includes representatives from each of the St. Modwen business disciplines. The Group sets and refines our CSR strategy and helps to ensure we identify and actively pursue CSR initiatives across the Company. It reviews our progress, ensures we maintain a best practice approach, and that we continue to evolve as the business grows.

The CSR Steering Group will continue to develop and inform our CSR strategy. Following a full review of our business, including our structure and strategic focus during 2019, in 2018/19, the CSR steering Group will undertake a review of our approach to CSR, to align, promote and endorse our purpose and values in order for us to successfully deliver and promote CSR internally and externally.

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