Biodiversity & Sustainable Environments

We want to boost biodiversity at our developments and deliver new schemes in an environmentally responsible way.

Our overarching ambition is to be ready by the end of 2020 to achieve a net biodiversity gain of at least 10% associated with all development activity. By 2025, cut St. Modwen Homes site waste by a third and increase its recycling rate to 99%.

What is it?

Impact on nature.

Population growth and social trends mean humans are impacting the natural environment around us in unprecedented ways. From the destruction of distant rainforests to dying out UK insect breeds or the way we all handle waste, change is high on the agenda.

Our ambition

Why it’s important to us

We can embrace biodiversity

Our Company changes the landscapes of both brown- and green-field sites so we are directly impacting nature and the land around us. We want to embrace and make a virtue of a progressive approach to our natural environment.

How we can have an impact

Boost biodiversity at our schemes.

Make positive use of the community spaces we create to improve biodiversity.

Only use materials from sustainably managed sources.

Reduce waste by maximising product and material use throughout lifecycles.

Highlights in 2020

  • St. Modwen Homes has reduced waste by 15% to date and is on track to deliver to targets.
  • Created a biodiversity strategy and code, and building partnerships with local wildlife organisations.
  • With Environment Bank we have carried out baseline biodiversity assessments across 16 priority sites.
  • Delivered new open green spaces as part of our developments, for example a brand new area at Hilton Valley in Derbyshire.
  • Attracted the rarest type of bee to Glan Llyn by ensuring our green spaces encourage natural wildlife to thrive.

Our plans for 2021

  • Evaluate biodiversity opportunities for each new site and ensure they deliver over a 10% biodiversity net gain.
  • Roll out biodiversity code and training to development teams across all business units.
  • Establish landscaping design and maintenance for biodiversity guide, and translate into contractor requirements.
  • Create Company-wide waste targets with supporting policy and guidance metrics.
Strategy in action

Branston Leas

In the Staffordshire village of Branston, we are halfway through a decade-long partnership with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to create a living landscape along a major stretch of the River Trent.