Net Carbon Reduction

We are playing our part in the global climate challenge.

Our ambition is to be operationally net zero carbon by 2025 and fully net zero carbon by 2040.

What is it?

Reducing carbon.

To restrict average global temperatures to no more than 2 degrees, the UN wants everyone – from individuals to global corporations and governments – to decrease the amount of harmful carbon emitted to our planet.

Our ambition

Why it’s important to us

Need for change.

The building and construction industry accounts for around 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. Government, local authorities, partners and customers have expectations and targets which must be met or exceeded but a step change is needed.

How we can have an impact

Target ongoing carbon reduction at a business unit and Group level.

Embrace design principles that deliver long-term, low-carbon and low-carbon-enabled buildings.

Integrate into business policies.

Reduce waste by maximising product and material use throughout lifecycles.