Responsible Operating Practices & Partnerships

Our supply chain relationships underpin our operations and business delivery.

We can only fulfil our approach to responsible business by working with our supply chain. In 2020, our ambition is to launch a charter to our partners to inspire, set goals and underpin responsible ways of working.

What is it?

Taking a responsible approach.

Having the right operating practices ensures that our responsible approach to business is reflected in the way we carry out our business. It also means working with and influencing our supply chain and partners to ensure quality, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our ambition

Why it’s important to us

Making a collective difference.

We are many times larger than ourselves through the activities we carry out and the supply chain we use. This gives us the chance to positively impact working practices through delivery, from payment terms and job creation through to education and our impact on the natural environment.

How we can have an impact

Manage a supply chain framework, working with partners to collectively meet our responsible business goals.

Safety first for ourselves, our partners and our customers.

Build and maintain positive partnerships and effective stakeholder engagement and communications.

Build and maintain a culture of respect in the workplace and on site.