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St. Modwen Properties PLC   (the “Company”)   Director/PDMR Shareholding In accordance with DTR 3.1.4R (1), the Company announces that on 6th March 2013 the executive Directors were granted awards, structured as nil-cost options, over the Company’s ordinary shares of 10p each under the St. Modwen Properties PLC 2007 Performance Share Plan (the “PSP”) as set out below:
Director/PDMR Number of shares comprising award Total number of shares comprising all awards under PSP
Bill Oliver 231,077 1,178,358
Steve Burke 152,468 777,500
Mike Dunn 138,802 587,660
  Vesting of the awards on 6th March 2016 is subject to the achievement of TSR-related performance targets (comprising both relative performance and absolute growth) measured over a three year period from 1st December 2012 to 30th November 2015. No consideration is payable for the grant or exercise of the awards.