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St. Modwen, the UK’s leading regeneration specialist and owner of The Meads shopping centre in Farnborough, has introduced a series of environmental initiatives designed to drastically cut the centre’s carbon footprint.

From mid-October, The Meads will begin recycling all of its waste, with the aim of achieving a 50 per cent reduction in the waste it sends to landfill sites in the next three months. The centre management will also do away with all chemical cleaning equipment, instead using pads that contain granules of diamonds to scrub the floors. The diamond pads, which are used with water only, will replace the chemical floor polish currently used.

Over the next six months, the centre will also replace a large number of its existing lights with energy efficient lighting and install microwave sensors that regulate lighting levels in the adjacent Rushmoor Business Centre. This will help reduce electricity consumption across the scheme by at least 30 per cent.

Speaking about the plans, Andy Wynn, Centre Manager at The Meads, said: “Although we have set ourselves stringent targets, we are confident that the investment in the new equipment will yield quick results and substantially reduce our carbon footprint over the next few months. We are also proud to be trialing new technologies, such as microwave sensor light switches, that will substantially cut energy costs for our tenants during these difficult economic times.”

James Stockdale, Development Manager at St. Modwen, said: “People want to be green in all aspects of their life, and that includes their shopping. The new initiatives at The Meads will ensure that we help create a better environment for the long term benefit of the local community.”