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International Men’s Day 2019

On the 19th November, it’s International Men’s Day.  This event focuses on men’s health, gender equality, improving gender relations, and highlights male role models. Since its inception, International Men’s Day has been an opportunity to promote positive expressions of masculinity and celebrate all men.  So, let’s celebrate!

Some of the members of our D&I working group have thought of some positive ways you could celebrate:

  • Say thank you to a man!
    • Think about a man who has been a positive influence on your life, it could be someone in your family, at work or someone in the public eye.  Drop them an email, a tweet or give them a call to say thank you.
    • Be a role model
      • Think about the influence you have and where you could help
      • Maybe you could become a coach, leader or a mentor in your community, at home or at work?
      • Or an opportunity to speak out against discrimination or domestic violence?
      • Take care of your mental health
        We celebrated World Mental Health Day in October, according to the Mental Health Foundation it can help to:
        • Talk about your feelings
        • Do something active
        • Eat well
        • Drink sensibly
        • Spend some time working on friendships and family relationships
        • Ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed
        • Take a break, maybe try a change of scene, or pace or read a book
        • Do something you’re good at to boost your self-esteem, or beat stress
        • Accept and be proud of who you are
        • Care for others, it can help you to feel needed and valued