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Network Rail announcement on Cotswold Line a positive contribution

Developers backing the Middle Quinton ECO-town say they are confident of being able to meet the sustainability requirements identified for the site in a Government report published last week.

Middle Quinton received a Grade B rating in the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Sustainability Assessment, which classified the site as ‘Might be a suitable location subject to meeting specific planning and design objectives.’

“We said last week that the report was very good news for Middle Quinton,” said John Dodds, regional director for St Modwen. “Having looked further into the site-specific comments we maintain that view and can also provide indications of how we will work to meet some of the areas that were highlighted as potential concerns.”

Middle Quinton’s response to these areas of concern includes:

o Conservation and enhancement of biodiversity: detailed ecological surveys are being carried out on the site and appropriate measures would be taken to preserve any protected species identified. The biodiversity of the site is likely to be enhanced by the creation of additional water features such as the lakeside village and the planting of many hundreds of trees

o Flood risk: 98% of the site falls outside of the Flood Risk 3 category. The very small area within Flood Risk 3 and would receive specific mitigation measures, including the creation of lakes as part of the reusable drainage system to reduce the already small risk of flooding and will form an integral park of the Lakeside housing area.

o Landscape and historic environment: the Sustainability Assessment recognises that the existing buildings and land use is ‘detrimental to views’. Middle Quinton would be developed on a brownfield site and retain 40% of the total site area for open land and green spaces, including sports and recreational facilities

o Potential loss of existing on-site employment: of the 700 jobs supported by the current operation, 250 are in recycling and would increase as the community developed. Middle Quinton is predicted to create 4,700 new jobs, an additional 4,000 jobs over what is currently on site.

o Land contamination: much work has been done in recent years to restore contaminated land. The small amount of remaining contamination would be remediated as standard practice. St.Modwen is the country’s leading regeneration specialist, it has over 30 years of development experience and is an expert in brownfield land remediation.

o Transport and accessibility: Middle Quinton is described as ‘remote,’ even though Stratford and Evesham are both within a few miles of the

eco-town. Proposals for new and enhanced public transport links to reduce car dependency include a rapid and frequent bus/tram service linking Middle Quinton to Stratford and Evesham via Honeybourne; enhanced local bus services

Developers St.Modwen and the Bird Group of Companies say that the recent confirmation of Network Rail’s intention to redouble the single track between Oxford and Worcester on the Cotswolds line by 2010 is a further positive contribution towards a holistic public transport solution for Middle Quinton.


Editor’s note: the DCLG Sustainability Assessment also highlighted many of the positive factors associated with the Middle Quinton bid. These included recognition of the brownfield nature of the site; its recycling facilities; ready access to rail, cycle and rapid transport routes; the potential for links with academic institutions and capitalising on local horticultural and food production industries.

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