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Following the launch of the Vision for the Middle Quinton eco-town – a detailed Masterplan document released to Housing Minister, the Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP – developers St Modwen and the Bird Group have outlined the next steps of the eco-town process including their on-going plans for consultation and engagement with the local community.

The production of the Vision document, which can be viewed and downloaded on Middle Quinton’s website: is the latest step in a long process laid down by Mrs Flint’s Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG). The next steps will see:

A draft planning policy statement; produced by CLG, is expected to be released in the next few weeks and will outline how the eco-towns will be constructed. A detailed Sustainability Appraisal; which will set out the ‘toughest ever green standards’ required of Middle Quinton and other eco-towns and will, along with the draft planning policy statement, be subject to more consultation. This will culminate in an expected decision on preferred locations for eco-towns in early 2009.

Following the release of the draft planning statement and sustainability appraisals, St Modwen and the Bird Group will be continuing with their transport work, the results of which will continue to feed into the ongoing development of the masterplan for Middle Quinton.

John Dodds, regional director at St Modwen, commenting on the Vision documents launch said:

“What must be understood is that in development terms (and this is true of all regeneration schemes) we are still at very early stages. So whilst there are still many questions being asked of our Vision from various corners, as the UK’s leading regeneration specialist, St Modwen’s has a strong track record for delivering new settlements right across the UK that spans over 30 years. This reputation alone underlines the strength of our proposals for Middle Quinton. If selected, without a doubt, all the technical work to support a planning application will be required in addition to further public consultation.”

On the news of the exhibition regarding land west of Shottery, he adds:

“The proposals that were exhibited to the public last weekend for land west of Shottery refer to the delivery of part of the Western Relief Road which Warwickshire County Council has had on the drawing board for many years. We have previously said that Middle Quinton will deliver this road, however, should the Shottery development be approved, we would simply reinvest the monies we proposed to spend on the ring road into other community or transport infrastructure at Middle Quinton.

“Furthermore, we strongly believe that in delivering 6,000 new homes over the next 15 years, along with significant infrastructure, Middle Quinton would relieve considerable pressure for development elsewhere in and around Stratford District- including land west of Shottery.”


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