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Podcast – 2020: Don’t Look Back in Anger

2020 has been a challenging year for people and businesses across the country.

Within St. Modwen, we’ve adapted to overcome the many hurdles that we faced. In fact, this year has taught us a thing or two about how to do things differently. It’s taught us how collaborate with our colleagues remotely; how to better understand and engage with our communities; how to lease industrial and logistics space quickly when it’s in high demand; how to inspire the next generation online; and how to sell homes virtually. So, in fact, there’s plenty to take away from these experiences.

That’s why we’ve spoken to colleagues across the business to reflect on the year and shine a light on the great things that we’ve learned in our limited podcast series, 2020: Don’t Look Back in Anger.

Listen to each episode below, or search ‘St. Modwen Talks’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

▲ In this episode, we speak to Robin Turton, Group IT Director, about how the pandemic accelerated our use of cloud-based collaboration tools and how our investment in infrastructure meant that we were ready to roll when it came to remote working.

▲ In this episode, we speak to Alison Tucker, Early Careers Co-ordinator for St. Modwen Homes, about how we’ve maintained our education partnerships during the lockdown and have continued to reach out to our next generation of skilled talent through a host of virtual activities.

▲ In this episode, we speak to Janine Parker, Director of Asset Management, about how we have kept engaged with our communities during COVID-19 and how we’re working with residents and local groups to keep the community spirit alive across our developments.

▲ In this episode, we speak to David Binks, Senior Director – Leasing & Markets for St. Modwen Industrial & Logistics, as he reflects on the opportunities – and challenges – that presented themselves in 2020, and how a deeper understanding of our customers will further boost our growth into 2021.

▲ In this episode, we speak to Jo Winston – Sales & Marketing Director at St. Modwen Homes – as she explains some of the challenges faced in the year. From site shutdowns to a complete review of digital selling, Jo explains how the team adapted swiftly to fulfil customer demand while giving back to our Key Workers.