Health & Wellbeing

What is it?

Targeting good health
Physical and mental health is something everyone strives towards in the pursuit of a good life. A healthy body and mind allows us to enjoy our surroundings, feel good about ourselves and achieve more.

Why it’s important to us

Happier, better outcomes
We want to play our part in helping to support a healthier, happier and engaged workforce – because it’s a good thing to do and because it drives sustainable performance. We also have the potential to impact our customers and communities – through places and products – to boost their wellbeing and enrich their lives.

How we can have an impact

  • Support wellbeing programmes within our workplace
  • Address the wellbeing of communities in all development plans
  • Consider and plan for the wellbeing of contractors and partners

OUR AMBITION: Be bold in our pursuit of wellbeing to boost the happiness, health and satisfaction of our people. Make a meaningful, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the communities we operate in and the places we deliver.