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Viewpoint: Rob Hudson on getting away without going away

With this year presenting us with a very different experience of the summer holidays, Rob Hudson – Interim Chief Executive Officer – reflects on the importance of getting away, even if you’re not going away.

August has for so long been the time when lots of workplaces are deserted before people get back together in September. That might still be the case this year but in very different circumstances.

Many of us will feel deserving of a good holiday, and rightly so. Whether we’ve been working flat out, glued to our computers or facing uncertainties caused by furlough, home-schooling or health concerns, everyone needs a break – even if that means staying closer to home.

We’re all now used to the insides of our homes and if we’re not going abroad this summer then that doesn’t have to mean staying indoors or not taking proper time out. We know it’s good for our own mental health to switch off from our work, have a change of scenery, try something new and break from the norm. That’s why I’ve been urging everyone in our business to take a well-deserved break, reset, recharge and spend good time with friends and loved ones.

This virus has done plenty to change the world we live in and the way we do things. Taking time out doesn’t need to be one, at home or abroad.”

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