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Rob Hudson on the importance of Diversity & Inclusion

This Black History Month, Rob Hudson, Interim Chief Executive Officer, shares his thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how we’re engaging with National Inclusion Week 2020.

For those who know St. Modwen, you’ll know Diversity & Inclusion is one of our core Responsible Business areas. For those who know me, you’ll know it is something that is very close to my heart. This is a year that the Black Lives Matter movement has acted as a stark reminder that prejudices are still in abundance in society. Starting last Thursday, Black History Month is a global opportunity to recognise and celebrate the contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have had on society. St. Modwen is marking the event within our company but to find out more about regional, national and international events and activities go to

Given the workplace is where we spend much of our time and interact in wider circles, to mark National Inclusion Week last week, we have been encouraging everyone to have conversations beyond their usual circle of contacts. We’ve wanted them to learn something new about each other and look to ensure these conversations happen more often and build into lasting relationships. Such events, discussions and actions form part of a much wider plan we have set ourselves to achieve the National Equality Standard by 2025. At the centre of our work, we want to enhance diversity and ensure inclusion throughout the business. We are on a journey towards this and one where we all have an important part to play.”

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