Biodiversity & Sustainable Environments

St. Modwen to leave green legacy by planting of over 1,000 trees across the UK

  • Over 1,400 trees will be planted across St. Modwen developments in England and Wales as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations
  • Colleagues and communities are being encouraged to get involved with the business’s green activities
  • The initiative aims to leave a legacy for future generations to appreciate, while having positive biodiversity and carbon effects on local environments.

St. Modwen, owner of leading logistics development and housebuilding businesses, is undertaking the ambitious task of planting over 1,000 trees across developments in England and Wales. The planting plans have been launched as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, a nationwide initiative to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee and leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Both St. Modwen Homes and St. Modwen Logistics are coming together to take part in the initiative, with over 30 developments welcoming trees that have been specifically chosen to boost biodiversity for each site, with some developments planting more than 400 trees.

As part of St. Modwen’s commitment to engaging with local communities, individuals, schools and community groups are being invited to take part in the planting of the trees. The initiative encourages them to learn a new skill and make the most of their local environment, alongside colleagues from the business who are also actively involved with the activities.

By taking part in the Queen’s Green Canopy on such a large scale, not only are we encouraging biodiversity through creating new habitats for local wildlife, we are also bringing communities together and leaving a legacy that residents and businesses can continue to enjoy for years to come.

Planting has already begun at several developments and it has been brilliant to see so many individuals getting involved and taking pride in their community.”

Sarwjit Sambhi, CEO for St. Modwen

As part of the initiative, St. Modwen is planting over 100 oak trees, each with the potential to store up to 6 tonnes of carbon if they live to 100 years. They can also support up to 2,300 different species, providing shelter and food for wildlife, from birds and butterflies, to woodland mammals and insects.

Planting will continue throughout the Jubilee year across key St. Modwen sites, including St. Modwen Homes’ Meon Vale development which was recently awarded Local Wildlife Site status from Warwickshire County Council as a result of the new community’s commitment to biodiversity and sustainable environments.