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St. Modwen volunteers help decorate library for Locking Primary school

A team of volunteers made up of colleagues from St. Modwen have been busy decorating the newly created library at Locking Primary school. Locking Primary school is preparing to open the doors of its new library to pupils, and staff are hopeful that the facility will improve the learning and development experience for the children in the school.

Each summer, the school is able to spend up to £500 decorating its classrooms and facilities, so additional manpower and equipment was welcomed when it came to painting the library and putting up new bookcases.

To further enhance the school’s offering, the developer provided a £5,000 donation towards the school’s new library as part of its Covid-fund initiative, which is focused on providing financial donations to schools who may have faced a particularly challenging period as a result of the pandemic. This also forms part of St. Modwen’s Responsible Business Ambitions at the Locking Parklands development, which aim to help make a sustained difference to society and the environment in the areas where it is creating new communities.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the volunteers that came to the school to paint the library and computer area and put up our new bookcases, and to St. Modwen for helping us to fund the new library. I am so excited to start purchasing books and organising the library into a wonderful space for the children of Locking to develop a love of reading and continue their learning.”

Natalie Sweet, Head of School at Locking Primary School

St. Modwen is delighted to be able to support the build and decoration phase of the new library, and we were particularly excited to be able to physically help this part of our community as well. The school is a very important part of the community here in Locking and we are really pleased to be able to work with it on projects which will have a real educational benefit for the pupils.”

Chris Hart, Residential Portfolio Manager at St. Modwen