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Spring is upon us! As the evenings get lighter and the weather gets warmer, we know your little ones will be raring to get outside and play, especially during the Easter holidays.

Living near a building site can be very exciting, especially for young children who want to explore, but it’s important that they know it’s not a playground. At St. Modwen Homes we regularly visit local schools to keep pupils safe by raising the awareness of potential hazards, including heavy machinery, scaffolding and falling objects.

Just as important is knowing the dangers at the end of your drive and the associated risks of young children playing in or around parked cars. To make sure your children stay safe this half term here are some top tips from the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents’ driveway safety campaign:

  • Be aware of the risks of children running out to greet or wave goodbye to guests while vehicles are still manoeuvring.
  • When you are reversing off a driveway, your view is limited and you may not be able to see small children in your mirrors. Whenever possible, reverse onto a driveway, and drive off forwards to reduce the risk. If you can’t do that, just be aware of your surroundings – wind down your windows and, being mindful of your blind spots, take it slow as you reverse.
  • Always make sure the handbrake is applied when you’re parked and if your driveway is on a slope, park in gear with the wheel turned so if the brakes fail the car won’t roll back and cause an accident.
  • Remember that drivers in larger vehicles, such as 4×4’s and pick-up trucks, may not be able to see small children who are close to the vehicle’s bumpers.

Take a look at this handy guide from the full driveway safety guide here to find out more. You can also find out more about building site safety here