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Last Wednesday’s (30 July) ECO-town debate with members of Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council has been described as ‘positive and encouraging’ by representatives of St.Modwen and the Bird Group, the developers behind proposals for the Middle Quinton ECO-town.

Mark Sitch, from planning consultants Barton Willmore, gave a detailed presentation to the meeting, while John Dodds, regional director for St.Modwen and Tony Bird OBE, chairman of the Bird Group of companies, attended and answered questions on the development proposals for the brownfield former MOD site.

“We were pleased to be able to talk with councillors and residents about plans for Middle Quinton and were encouraged by the considered questions and responses that were put forward,” said John Dodds.

Tony Bird said he thought the major benefits linked to the development had been better received by the Town Council than they had by some organisations representing villages closer to the site.

“I think it’s fair to say that people living in Stratford are, on the whole, more objective about the ECO-town. They are concerned that Government requirements for more new homes is likely to result in greater pressure to build in and around the town, which based on comments at the meeting would not be a popular choice.

“I think they also recognise that cutting down traffic congestion in the town could be greatly assisted by the transport infrastructure proposals we are putting forward, including subsidised bus and tram services and particularly the completion of the Stratford relief road, which would allow the authorities to divert heavy vehicles away from Clopton Bridge,” said Mr Bird.

Excluding town councillors and developer representatives, only 11 members of the public attended the meeting; mostly BARD supporters from local villages near the proposed site, rather than the town itself.

A vote taken at the end of the meeting on a motion stating ‘That Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council opposes ‘even the thought’ of the proposed Eco Town in ‘Middle Quinton’, was supported by five councillors, with two opposed and five abstentions.

“I think this actually represents a very balanced decision, especially if you take the view that the five abstentions mean those councillors are currently undecided on the ECO-town. This is an encouraging response and provides us with further opportunities to maintain a positive dialogue with the Town Council and work to achieve the objectives that would benefit the town and its residents,” commented John Dodds.

Stakeholder Forum

On Tuesday last week (29 July) developers held the first meeting of a Stakeholder Forum to which representatives of the local community, resident, emergency and statutory services organisations were invited to attend.

The Forum is another element in the ongoing community consultation and liaison programme set up by St. Modwen and the Bird Group. The next meeting – a workshop focussing on the environmental and design aspects of the proposal – will take place towards the end of August.


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