Encouraging the next generation of marketing and communications professionals, St. Modwen hosted Ellie, 15, for a week’s worth of work experience with its external communications, brand and marketing teams.

Spending time with the External Communications & Stakeholder Relations team, Ellie got her first understanding of the world of public relations (PR) and how St. Modwen communicates with its stakeholders. Working alongside the Brand team, she learnt about the company’s brand; its differing styles dependent on business unit; and how to use graphic design tools.

Working closely with the St. Modwen Homes sales and marketing team, Ellie got to grips with the sales process and how it appeals to its target market of new homeowners, and sitting with the Internal Communications team, she was given an insight into how employees are communicated with and how important information is disseminated throughout the business.

What did you do in your week at St. Modwen?

“On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I sat with the marketing and communication team. Then on Thursday I spent the day with a team at St. Modwen Homes.”

What were the tasks your carried out this week?

“On Monday I was with the marketing and communications team and I looked at the social media side of the company. So, I used the story of the time capsule and I wrote a social media post for Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn about what was happening and why it was happening. I also researched some awareness days that St. Modwen could look at in the future.

“Then on Tuesday I wrote a press release. This press release was about a charity run and it consisted of what is happening, why, how, where, who with and when.

“On Wednesday I learnt about branding and design. So, I used a website called ‘Canva’ and I created a poster about a competition aimed at people my age.

“I spent Thursday at St. Modwen Homes learning about how the company sell their houses and how to make a template for the houses on their website.

“Finally, on Friday I was with internal communications and I learnt about what their role is within the company and how they get the right information out to the team.”

What were your favourite parts?

“My favourite parts were just working in a new environment with new/different people each day. Also, I liked to learn about the purpose and background info about the company. I also like the fact I got to see the effort put in each part of the company behind the scenes.”

Are there any new skills you learnt?

“I learnt how to create a press release and how to lay that out and what is needed to attract a certain audience. I also learnt how to create a poster by using the website called ‘Canva’. Finally, I have learnt how the company sets up the home website layout.”