Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are integral to all that we do.

Our overarching ambition is to achieve the UK National Equality Standard by 2025.

What is it?

Recognising individual selves.

Diversity and inclusion is about recognising that everyone is individual and embracing this difference in the way we work and go about our lives. Typical categories include age, disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, but diversity is far deeper and wider, creating a richness in society.

Our ambition

Why it’s important to us

Help realise our potential

We’re creating a culture at St. Modwen that is inspiring and inclusive, where difference is valued, so we can perform at our best and realise our potential. We’re committed to attracting and retaining the best, diverse talent and creating a safe and inclusive environment where our people can bring their whole selves to work.

How we can have an impact

Enhance diversity and ensure inclusion across all levels, and across the business.

Offer fair, equal and unbiased recruitment, promotion and reward systems.

Ensure safe, inclusive and agile work environment where all talent can thrive.

Highlights in 2020

  • Review undertaken by National Equality Standard assessors to highlight path towards reaching the standard by 2025.
  • Re-set the Company’s Diversity & Inclusion group with clear priorities and responsibilities.
  • Company-wide awareness events held, including around Pride, Black History Month and International Women’s Day.
  • 46% of line managers received diversity and inclusion awareness training.
  • Updated our policies and procedures to reflect diversity and inclusion considerations.

Our plans for 2021

  • Implement National Equality Standard plans.
  • Develop new approach to resourcing with diversity key performance indicators at each stage.
  • Continue training and awareness programmes.
  • Communicate expectations on diversity and inclusion to suppliers and partners , and build in as part of supplier selection process.
  • Pilot mentoring programme with apprentices, graduates and trainees specifically targeting females and those from a BAME background.