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St. Modwen donates £15,000 to solvent abuse charity Re-Solv

St. Modwen has donated £15,000 to Staffordshire charity Re-Solv to support its in-demand mental health and substance misuse support services.

Based in Stone, Re-Solv works directly with local communities to provide early intervention and prevention work around mental health and the misuse of solvents, gases and other psychoactive substances.

Volatile substances such as Nitrous Oxide, more commonly known as “laughing gas”, are the second most used drugs among secondary school pupils in England after cannabis1. The charity works with families, young people, schools, colleges and community groups to provide resources and signposting to help individuals to get the support they need.

The demand on Re-Solv’s telephone and online counselling services has been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a rise in anxiety, stress and mental health issues seeing people turn to less healthy coping strategies including alcohol, over the counter medication and substance misuse, the charity is under additional pressure.

To help combat this, Re-Solv has created a range of online sessions and resources to help ‘cope with COVID’ and has produced a new film about the legality and harms from the use of nitrous oxide. St. Modwen’s £15,000 donation will help the charity increase its prevention work in the community and go towards funding specific resources to address life with COVID-19. Funding will complement and enhance Re-Solv’s local community prevention work currently funded by Stafford Borough Council.

Stephen Ream, Director of Re-Solv, said:

“COVID-19 has put additional strain on everybody’s wellbeing. With this grant we can run more sessions and create more materials to enable local people to boost their mental health, become more resilient, and turn to positive coping strategies when dealing with stress anxiety or uncertainty.”

Martin Install, Regional Managing Director – North at St. Modwen Homes, said:

“It’s fantastic to see the work that Re-Solv does in the community and the tangible impact that is has on people’s lives. This pandemic has been challenging for many people, and for some, their struggles might see them making unhealthy choices. Re-Solv’s support services, from its resources for schools through to its emergency helpline, continue to be a helping hand in preventing substance abuse.”

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