Education & Future Skills

What is it?

Competencies for life
Access to good education is fundamental to a strong society so that everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. At the same time, strong skills training and development ensure that there is no shortage of the right people to occupy current and future employment needs.

Why it’s important to us

Developing tomorrow’s futures
We have the chance to work in partnership with education and skills providers to support the development of tomorrow’s futures. As an employer we can offer our people training, share knowledge and support ongoing development. Collectively we can help ensure a successful, resilient society in a fast-changing marketplace.

How we can have an impact

  • As an employer, support skills development of our people and inspire continued learning
  • In the community, promote and invest in education and increase pathways into the workplace
  • Improve awareness of the industry and encourage skills and innovation

OUR AMBITION: Invest 1% of the company’s cash profits every year into education partnerships by 2025. Make a positive impact on over 20,000 young people by 2025